Free Wednesday Night Workshop

Stitch it up! Is a free workshop at my sewing studio in The Mile End. The aim of this weekly workshop is to encourage you to create, rework or mend your own clothing.

This is your chance to learn how to sew or to put into practice what you already know. Maybe you have some tricks of the trade that you can share with the other attendees. All skill levels are welcome.

About me. My name is Rebecca. I have been sewing for about 10 years and have and received my D.E.C. (Diplôme d'études collégiales) from L’École des métiers des Faubourgs ( in 2008 for Pattern Design.

I am a co-owner and clothing designer at Arterie Boutique & Friperie. (
I have been living and working in Montreal since 2003.

If you have any further question about what we do at the Wednesday night workshop please feel free to write me at

Hope to see you soon,


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